Clean Room Doors

High Speed Cleanroom Door for Pharma Industry - Earth Control Systems, Surat

Cleanroom Roll Up Doors with High Speed Flexibility are suitable for enclosing cleanrooms. It maintains a constant pressure, keeps pollutants out, and restricts air usage. With this high-speed door, you can create airlocks and maintain your cleanroom under or over pressure. The pressure-resistant PVC door curtain is flexible. Clean air is kept in and polluted air is kept out thanks to the better and tight seal, resulting in considerable energy savings.

The length of time this high speed roll up door is open is kept to a minimal thanks to its fast opening and shutting speeds. Air leakage is reduced as a result. It aids in the reduction of your cleanroom’s operating costs. High Speed Flexible Cleanroom Roll Up Doors need less maintenance because they include low friction side guides, a self-reinserting door curtain, and a small number of worn parts. This high-speed door is free of hard components in the curtain, making it safe for your personnel and equipment.


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