Automatic Louvered Roof

SMARTROOF®- Automatic Aluminium Louvered Roof - Earth Control Systems, Surat

The all-new openable roofing system SMARTROOF® – Automatic Louvered Roof is made up of a series of heavy-duty extruded Aluminum louvres. Simply by regulating the movement of the louvres to an angle that allows you control over more sunlight or less, more wind or less, or even to make it rainproof, you can pick whether you want more of the outside or more of the interior with a simple flick of the switch. SMARTROOF® is beautifully constructed, corrosion resistant, and leak proof, and is precisely manufactured to Australian / EU specifications.

The powder-coated aluminium louvres, together with a matching support frame, may be powder-coated in any colour to complement any architectural style. Multiple banks of louvres offer nearly infinite design possibilities.

The SMARTROOF® louvred roof is a clever system that converts a solid waterproof roof into a Pergola-style roof with light, ventilation, and a view of the sky above.”

SMARTROOF® provides unrivalled value and performance when it comes to protecting your spaces.



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